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The Home Depot’s Workshops Virtual Party

The Home Depot's Workshops Virtual Party

We’re excited to announce our participation in The Home Depot’s Workshops Virtual Party that is coming up. Five bloggers will be putting their own twist on this Beverage Stand and we get to be one of them! Wouldn’t this be great to have sitting next to you on a hot summer not keeping your favorite drinks cool? You can tune in, right here, on Monday, June 13th to see our finished project!

If your interested in making one for yourself – you can – for FREE! The Home Depot has free Do-It-Herself Workshops and this is their upcoming project. You can register on-line here. Recruit some friends and sign up together for a fun and different take on Girls Night Out!

The Home Depot offers Workshops at all of their locations for do-it yourselfers of all ages and experience levels.

To fit everyone there are three types of Workshops offered: Do-It-Youself (DIY) for men and women, Do-It-Herself (DIH) for the ladies, and Kids for, well kids.

At these Workshops customers can learn how to build different projects, like this beverage stand, how to make home easy home repairs, and how to operate tools through demonstration and step-by-step instructions.

Visit http://workshops.homedepot.com to learn more and see what Workshops are coming up.

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