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How To Make A Terrarium With Kids

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If your kids are anything like mine they love to get a little dirty. I’ve been trying to think up ways that they can learn how to take care of plants through out the winter season but make it easy enough that they don’t get discouraged. I decided that a terrarium was the way to go.

I did some research and found that a succulent terrarium would be perfect. We went on the hunt for all the supplies.


You’ll need:


The first step is to have the kids scoop the small pebbles carefully into the jars. You just want to cover the bottom of the jar.


Next have the add the activated charcoal. Just enough to mostly cover the rocks. Make sure you have them use a scoop for this. The charcoal will make a mess.


Now have them scoop some potting soil into the jar.



Next add clippings of the succulents to the jars. I let my oldest cut her own to give her some more experience. Make sure to use adult supervision closely with this part.



Let the kids place the succulents inside the jar wherever they choose.


Add the figurines and spritz with water until moist.


And there you have it. A fun kid-friendly terrarium. They will love watching it grow.

Do you have your kids help with planting and gardening? What ways have you found are best to teach them?

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  1. So the succulents will not die in a terrarium? I figured they needed a drier environment.

    Great idea for a preschooler – especially if you don’t want to mess with an outside garden and with colder months coming.

    1. The succulents actually do really well in there. My girls love to watch them grow and we haven’t had to add more water yet. You’ll know when it starts to look dry, but it takes a while.

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