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I Am Your Father T-Shirt for Dad

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I Am Your Father T-Shirt for Dad

I Am Your Father T-Shirt For Dad

Do you have a Geek loving dad in your life? My dad raised all of us kids on Star Wars, Star Trek, and Indiana Jones. We grew up loving these movies and still have the hidden geek inside us.

To honor him for Father’s Day, I decided to make him a, “I Am Your Father,” t-shirt with my Cricut. I can’t wait to give it to him. I think he’s going to love it.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own.

I Am Your Father T-Shirt for Dad

First, open up the Cricut Cut File in Cricut Design Room. You may have to download the font first, it’s Star Jedi. Also, make sure to get the right one.

Get your file to the correct size for your shirt. I suggest measuring to see how large you’ll want it across the shirt. It will be different for each shirt size.

Cut the wording in Cricut Design Room, and make sure that you Mirror Image so the letter aren’t backwards.

Once it’s cut, you’ll need to weed. This is where the weeding tool comes in handy. This font is a little tricky without a tool. You just need to grab that small line in-between to make it look right. Here’s what it should look like once you are done.

I Am Your Father T-Shirt for Dad

Once you have weeded the vinyl, you are ready to place the vinyl on the shirt and iron it on.

I Am Your Father T-Shirt for Dad

Follow the vinyl directions for this step.

I Am Your Father T-Shirt for Dad

Now you’re done! That was super easy huh. Now go wrap it up for the geek in your life.

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  1. awesome!!!

    Just ordered HTV from expressionsvinyl.com to make this for my husband for father’s day 😀 its perfect because I had just ordered him Star Wars grill items (tongs, fork thingie and apron)

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