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Pin the Tag on the Puppy Printable

We set up an adorable Puppy Adoption Party with Oriental Trading and wanted to share a free Pin the Tag on the Puppy Game here with you!

Pin the Tag on the Puppy

This happy little guy is hoping someone will get their tag in the right spot and take him home with them.

To play:

Have party guests write their name on their tags. Blindfold guests one by one and spin them around a few time before setting them loose to find the spot they think the tag belongs. The tag put closest to the right spot wins!

Puppy Party Games

Download the files below for this pin the tail on the puppy game. It will download as a zip file. You will first need to unzip the file. The tags can be printed on your home printer, but the puppy is designed as a color blueprint that you will need to send to your local print shop to be printed.

Pin the Tag on the Puppy

Download Box


Pin the Tag on the Puppy

Find all the party details for the Puppy Adoption Party with did with Oriental Trading.

Puppy Adoption Party


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    1. We sent ours to a large print shop so they can blow it up to 24×36. Then you should be able to print the tags on an 8.5×11 at home or at the print shop as well.

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