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DIY Marble Planters

Hi there! I’m Lacey from Lacey Placey (your DIY spacey) see what I did there? I’m obsessed with colorful DIY’s especially ones that make your home a little prettier!

Today I’m bringing you a DIY I’ve been wanting to try FOREVER! I love all things marbled so I knew I wanted to make these for my patio. I’m so happy with how they turned out. And I’m always thrilled when a project uses things I already have on hand. So grab some spare planters and pots and let’s get started!

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A green, pink, and blue planter painted sitting on a yellow backdrop
I started out by painting the pots with my favorite Deco Art craft paints. I let them dry for 24 hours. If you have a plain white planter or any other color you are happy with then just skip this step!

Here are the supplies needed to make your own DIY Marble Planters: 

A small planter and 2 colors of nail polish and a round glass dish.

How to Make DIY Marble Planters:

Step 1:

Pour your nail polish into the water. It will kind of float on top of the water.

Step 2:

Use a toothpick to swirl it around and make a marble affect.

Nail Polish drops in water in a glass bowel.

Swirling nail polish colors in a glass dish with water using a toothpick.


Step 3:

Dip the planter in the nail polish water.


Dipping a planter in a bowl filled with nail polish and water for a marble look.

Step 4:

Set planter/pot on towel to dry (Don’t use a paper towel like I did or the paper towel will dry and stick to the planter.)


Marble painted planter upside down drying.

Let dry for 6-10 hours.

Optional: Spray a seal coat on to seal and protect from the weather. (Rustoleum makes a great one)

DIY Marbled planters made with dipping planters in nail polish, with flowers.

Now I need planting lessons. I bought these Marigolds thinking they would be so cute. I think they actually kind of look like I threw dandelions in there!! Whoops! I need to find a good gardening blog or book and start studying! Thanks for following along I hope you have so much fun making your own planters in your favorite color combos.

DIY Marble Planters


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