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Thanksgiving Snack Mix

Thanksgiving Snack Mix

Our family loved our Halloween Treat Mix...so we are sharing our favorite Thanksgiving Snack Mix today. It is quick to throw together and the perfect sweet salty combination for the holiday celebration!

sm thanksgiving snack mix 4

It’s so easy to throw together.

Thanksgiving Snack Mix

What you need for the Mix:

-Bugles (regular)

-Mini Pretzels


-Candy Corn

The perfect sweet and salty mix! sm thanksgiving snack mix 2

Display in pretty bowls or a nut cup at your family party.sm thanksgiving snack mix 3

I love displaying ours in my Thankful tiered treat stand. There are Thanksgiving colored M&Ms available, if you’d like to use those, but I prefer the brightly colored chocolate morsels brightening up the browns and tans of the the pretzels and bugles.

sm thanksgiving snack mix 5

It’s great for snacking before eating the feast, after the pie, or after all the food has settled. We won’t judge.

Other fun Ideas:

Printable Thankful Tags

sm thankful treat tags 2

Feather Hats

sm thankful hat 2Coloring Tablecloth




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