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10 April Fools Pranks for KIDS


April Fools is coming up very quick! I came from a family where jokes were played all year long so this post is right up my ally. Most of these tricks have to do with food, which is always fun. I can’t wait to try some of these with the kiddos this year! Thanks to all our highlighted blogs for such great projects!


1. Fake juice from Jell-O from ivillage.com

2. Faux KFC from Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons

3. Fake French Fries by Parenting


4. April Fools Day Cookies by MunchkinMunchies.com

5. Faux Buffalo Wings from PartyPinching.com


6. Toothpaste Oreos by Prankked.com

7. Doughnut Seeds

april-fools-pranks-48. Marshmallow Creepers by Think Geek

9. Burger Bite Cookies by Sue from Munchkin Munchies


10. Food with Eyeballs by Mique from 30 Handmade Days

Which one is your favorite???



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  1. These ideas are awesome! I especially love the jello in the cup with the straw. So cute!

    BTW, your pin it button on your main page pins to your author page, not to this specific blog post, which is a little annoying for anyone who will want to come back from pinterest and find the post, just fyi

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