St. Patrick’s Day Crossword

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Hey there Crafty Readers! It’s Sydney from Tastefully Frugal and I’m excited to be here again with you today sharing a fun St. Patrick’s Day activity. I remember as a little girl, when I would go visit my grandparents, my grandpa would always flip open the Sunday paper to the crossword puzzle and he wouldn’t leave the table until he finished it. I would sit there and watch him, and as I got older I would try to help him finish the puzzles. From watching him do crossword puzzles I grew to love words, reading and writing. I used to try to find the longest word possible to complete a sentence; I wrote some pretty ridiculous papers in fifth grade. I am hoping to pass my love for the written word on to my boys as well. And what better way to learn new words then with my grandpa’s favorite past time; crossword puzzles. I had a lot of fun creating and [Read More…]

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Lucky Leaves St. Paddy’s Day Ikea Hack

lucky leaves

I love a good simple craft. Especially one that makes a statement but it takes less than a half hour to put together. Now that I’ve had my new born, I’ve realized that keeping it simple is my new mantra. Having three boys under the age of four is a little exhausting. Which is why I made this! “Lucky Leaves St. Paddy’s Day Ikea Hack.” This is what you’ll need: 1. Fake plant from Ikea (They are only a few dollars) 2. A pot from Ikea (these are also just a dollar or two) 3. Skewers (You can get these ANYWHERE. I just happened to get mine at Walmart) 4. St. Patricks Day Table Scatter from the Dollar store (I got mine from the Dollar Tree) First start by taking a little glue (I used Elmers but I think hot glue would have been easier and faster) and glue two of the designs together, with the skewer in between. Let [Read More…]

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Paris Inspired DIY Cupcake Stand & Tray

sm paris header

We love being on the Michaels Makers Team!  We have loved all of the themes/challenges so far.  This month’s challenge was “Springtime in Paris“…creating a Paris inspired DIY project, craft, or treat.  I had so much fun making these DIY Paris Inspired Cupcake Stands and Trays to go with this awesome theme. When I think of Paris, I think of fancy baked goods.  These DIY cupcake stands/trays could be something found in a little Parisian Bakeshop. Our Readers…YOU…can participate in this challenge too…for a chance to win a trip to PARIS!  Details at the bottom, you won’t want to miss. To Make the Paris Inspired Cupcake Stands You will Need: -Fancy Shaped Plaques (These are pretty new to Michaels, and I found a big selection)  I used the smaller ones for the cupcake stands (5×7 and 8×10) -Pretty Candlestick (Silver ones from Michaels) -Acrylic Paint (I chose light pink and blue because that makes me think of Paris) -Paint Brush [Read More…]

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Dr. Seuss Green Eggs Tag *Free Printable

sm green eggs header

Sharing a free printable treat tag to go along with Dr. Seuss’s book “Green Eggs & Ham.” Grab some green Mint M&M’s and add this cute tag…the kids will love it!  Place the treat in your child’s lunchbox for a fun surprise. Happy Dr. Seuss week! PERSONAL USE ONLY PLEASE (All downloads and printables are property of The Crafting Chicks, LLP) Other fun Dr. Seuss Printables: “One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish” Truffula Tree Seeds   Pin It

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One Fish Two Fish Dr. Seuss Tags *Free Printable

sm dr seuss fish tag header

Sharing a fun “Seuss-Tastic” Free printable tag to go along with any sort of fish treat or snack!  Just in time for Dr. Seuss’s Birthday this week! It is always a tradition of ours to eat green eggs and ham for breakfast and read Dr. Seuss books at bedtime each night.   What are some Dr. Seuss activities you do with your kids? Print this fun tag and place in a lunchbox….or hand out to friends this week! PERSONAL USE ONLY PLEASE!  (All downloads and printables are property of The Crafting Chicks, LLP.) Other Fun Dr. Seuss Printables: Green Eggs Truffula Trees     Pin It

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True Happiness Quote *Free Printable

sm true happiness quote

Sharing a little Sunday Goodness today!  I love this quote from LDS President David O. McKay.  I truly believe it too!  I know I feel happiest when I am serving others or striving to make those around me happy. You can download the free image with this great quote.  (PERSONAL USE ONLY PLEASE) Just a couple of Goodness quotes below: Lil’ Luna Motherhood Quote Somewhat Simple Atonement Quote  

St Patrick’s Day Round-up

St Patrick's Day Round-up | Decor, Gift ideas, Printables, Dinner ideas, Leprechaun Traps... this post has it all!

We just love St Patrick’s Day!  There are so many fun things to do with the kiddos!  To make it easy for you, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite St. Patrick’s Day ideas. Gifts, treats, printables, treasure hunts, good luck charms, decor… we’ve got it all! St Patrick’s Day Round-up Rainbow Donuts from The First Year Leprechaun Traps from The Crafting Chicks Lucky Penny Letters from Made by Marzipan St Patrick’s Day Treasure Hunt Printables from The Crafting Chicks I am “CEREAL”-sly lucky to be your Mom! from Blue Skies Ahead DIY Lucky Charms Notebooks from The Crafting Chicks Shamrock Tree from Lolly Jane Mini Pots of Gold from The Crafting Chicks St Patrick’s Day Pizza from Over the Big Moon Good Luck Charms from Frog Prince Paperie Lucky Me Gift Bag from The Crafting Chicks Rainbow and Pot of Gold Treats from I Can Teach My Childs Shamrock Soda Labels from The Crafting Chicks Rainbow Loom Lucky Charm [Read More…]

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Confetti Bags for St. Patricks Day

St. Patrick's Day Confetti Bag 3

Hi Friends! I am so happy to be with you and The Crafting Chicks again. I like to make special gifts and things for holidays but I also like them to be used after the holiday if at all possible. I give little gifts to my kids for St. Patrick’s Day, nothing big but something special to help celebrate the day. One year the gifts were in a St. Patrick’s Day mug, another year each of the kids got a green Old Navy hat with treats inside, this year I made these awesome Confetti Burlap Bags. Of course they will be filled with little treats and gifts. What You Need: 3 Paints (I used Sour Apple, Snow White and Metallic Glorious Gold – all DecoArt) Small Burlap Drawstring Bags (Target Dollar Spot) Pencil Eraser Wax Paper Place a piece of wax paper inside the bag so the paint doesn’t bleed through to the back side. Use the eraser side of [Read More…]

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Jellyfish Friendship Bracelets

Jellyfish Bracelets

Back in the day I was the queen of friendship bracelets. I remember spending my summers sitting with my sister and best friend working on the coolest bracelets ever! But this is one style of friendship bracelet we didn’t know about back then – the Jellyfish Friendship Bracelet. It’s call the Jellyfish Bracelet because the embroidery floss hangs down, like jellyfish tentacles while you’re making it. It’s a little different type of bracelet because it uses this handy dandy wheel. I designed one and cut it of cardstock out on my Cricut Explore (using the pen and cut). You can download the svg template to import into Cricut Design Space or use in Silhouette Studio. You’ll need 7 strands of embroidery floss, each 20″ long Tie the strands together, leaving a tail so you’ll be able to tie it once finished, and run them through the center hole. The wheel has 8 slits, so leaving the one with START above [Read More…]

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Planked Art Display Board

Planked Art Display Board22

Hello Crafting Chicks readers, my name is Shelly Dolen. I blog over at Dolen Diaries where I share my family’s adventures in creativity! Our latest creative adventure was moving into a “new” fixer upper. We have so many projects going on right now that I feel like we are in heaven! One of the bigger projects I am working on is organizing a craft room / office space for me and my husband, Micah, to share. (Yikes I have A LOT of stuff! This process has made me worry that I will soon be featured on one of those hoarders shows!) After a trip to Ikea we had a desk with two work spaces and some cute modern chairs but no bulletin or display board. I didn’t want it to look or feel like I stepped into Ikea every time I came in here to work so I decided we needed a garage date night to make a Planked Art Display Board to make this room feel more like us! To make your own Planked Art Display Board you’ll [Read More…]

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