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Over 50 Summer Activities

Summer is the perfect time to try new things. We have complied a list of over 50 Summer Activities that are easy. They don’t take much prep work and will keep your kids busy and using their imaginations instead of electronics.

4 kids sitting in the shade eating popsicles


We have spent quite a few summers finding ways to keep our kids entertained without going crazy and handing over electronics. We have loved sharing these ideas with all of you and wanted you to have a place to go for all the ideas. A place you can bookmark and head to when you hear the dreaded, “I’m bored. There’s nothing to do.” (If you read that in a kid voice, you are my people.)

Keep Track of your Summer Activities

Start off by downloading our free 50 Days of Summer Fun For Kids. This Printable is such a fun family activity and will help your family plan for all the fun this summer.

Markers and sunglasses surrounding a 50 Days of Summer Fun chart printout.

Here’s our List of Over 50 Summer Activities:

Art Activities for Kids

Crayon Resist painting

Turn water guns into paintbrushes.

Salt Dough Star Fish

Make masks from paper plates.

Paper Lanterns for any season or holiday.

Cloud Paintings

Hot Rock Art is a fun way to add a punch of color to your yard.

Watercolor Ocean Art

Fingerprint Bugs

The fine art of Pointillism will keep kids busy for a while.


Easy Pointillism


In Your Backyard Activities for Kids

Time to Move Cootie Catcher

Go for a hike! Create your own hiking stick before you go.

Sidewalk Chalk Bombs are a fun and colorful way to spend an afternoon.

For a fun over-sized yard game try hula hoop croquet.

A Backyard Mud Cafe will keep imaginations rolling.

Nature Kids Crafts and Activities - DIY Butterfly House, painted rocks, rainforest in a jar, salt dough starfish, treasure hunt, hummingbird feeder, pinecone animals and explorer journal

Before heading out on a hike or nature walk, make a Nature Explorer Journal to hold all the treasures you find.

Compass Treasure Hunt

Decorate your bike with bike flags

Learn how to ride a bike

Build your own bug garden

Rain Stick

Turn your Backyard into Disneyland

Easy Inside Activities for Kids

Family Cup Stack

Build a spy kit and make a Spy Decoder for your kit!

Little girl looking through a homemade kaliedescope

See the world through a different lens with a kaleidoscope.

Cloud clay is dreamy to play with.

Dinosaur Surprise Eggs

Use Shadow puppets to tell a story.

Make a sunshine surprise ball

How to make a paper airplane

Paper Airplanes

Every kid should know how to make a Paracord Bracelet.

Teach your kids how to make Jellyfish Friendship Bracelets.

Random Acts of Kindness Activities | Teach your children about service with these simple, fun acts of service. Printables, ideas and more!

Tuck RAOK cards under wipers of cars in a parking lot to brighten a lot of days!

Easy Recipes for Kids to Make

Chocolate No Bake Cookie Protein Bites are the perfect snack for every member of the family. These come together quickly and will be eaten in minutes. #snackideas #snacksforkids #familysnacks #proteinballs #proteinbites

Make a batch of protein bites to take to the beach, pool, or on a hike.

Roast S’mores with a table top fire

Make homemade ice cream. Our Grandma’s Vanilla Ice Cream is a favorite and you can add whatever toppings you want.

And make sure to try your hand at making Ice Cream in a Bag.

Fruit and veggies used to make bugs for snacks for kids

Kids love bugs that you can eat! Backyard Bug Snacks are as fun to make as they are to eat.

Gravity will still be in effect while you make Moon Rocks.

Make and share a  Skookie.

Learn how to make butter from scratch.

Make a Kids Cookbook full of their favorite recipes.

Watercolor Cookies

Reading Activities for Kids

DIY Reading Tent

Spend the afternoon reading in a tent! Build your own in the backyard.

Read-a-thon BINGO

Very Busy Spider Web

Practice sewing

Science Activities for Kids

Mason Jar that has plastic lizard in it to make a Rainforest in a Jar for kids

Build a Rainforest in a Jar

Tie Dye Milk Experiment

Homemade Hummingbird Feeders

Moon Sand

Water Fireworks Experiment

Sea Turtle Flextangle


Don’t stress about doing all the activities with your kids. Remember they will remember those slow moments that you spent chatting and hanging out. Enjoy this time together.

Kids holding popsicles

Collage for Over 50 Summer Activities

Kids holding popsicles

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